Why Get Into Law?

Law and order is one of the most important aspect of modern day society. Without law and people to enforce it, there is nothing that differentiates us from animals out in the wild.

Hammurabi’s code is actually the first law that was recorded in ancient times, and most of the laws we have today are inspired by that and religious texts. Although modern day law is a lot more complicated, most of the fundamental laws that we have in most countries are universal.

Without getting too much into the history and cultural aspect of law, if you are considering going into law as a career, it is a very lucrative field for those of you who are inspired and have a goal for the future.

It requires a lot of patience and memorization of text. You do need a good deal of charisma if you are aiming for defence lawyer or prosecutor. You know, the ones you see on TVs and movies. However, did you know there are a lot of subfields within the law industry that you can get into?

For example: Divorce Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyer, Finance and Banking Lawyer, etc. There are many fields which you can get into. Sometimes you could even integrate your interest and hobbies in there.

How You Can Get A Job In Law

You do need a college degree and certification for passing the BAR exam. If you are looking for an easy path in life, then this may not be for you. You will have to study a lot, memorize, deal with unpleasant people, research / read, and many more of that.

You will almost spend 8 years just to get your certification, so degrees are really important. Once you have spent enough time working on cases and are of right age, you can apply to be a judge and other positions that are higher up.

In some cases you don’t necessarily need to have a certification, but get a job as a paralegal. Paralegal help with cases and researching for associates and lawyers.

Do You Have To Join Big Firms?

You don’t necessarily have to join big firms. Although, the paycheck is very good and there are many benefits. However, you will be working many hours and stressing yourself if you join a big firm.

Also in a big firm, you will most likely be a cog in a big machine, so it’s not for everyone. If you enjoy set schedules and routines, then you will enjoy being part of the bigger organizations, but for creative and entrepreneurial people it’s better to do things on your own perhaps open up a law firm.

You have more room and freedom to work on cases that you may like.

So, if you are not sure about what career path to take, I invite you to make a few Google searches and all kinds of different possibilities that you could take.

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